Online Influencers: why they have influence

With today’s society constantly online and engaging with a variety of many other online users, the ability to have an “online influence” has greatly increased over the last couple years. It is amazing the amount of people, as well as the type of people, that have a small or large influence online.

But what is “online influence” exactly? With this phenomenon just recently emerging, it can be difficult for some people to accurately define. In fact, it is so new and different that Wikipedia does not even have a page to define it. Dictionary’s definition will tell you that “influence” is a power affecting a person, thing, or course of events, especially one that operates without any direct or apparent effort. Taking that one step further, “online influence” can be defined as the ability, personality, skill, or trust that a certain person has over the behaviors, thought process, and reasoning of another person, or event, through the online realm.

Another incredible aspect of having an online influence, is the ability to reach a vast audience with little effort at a particular time. For example, writing a blog from home, or tweeting out a link and generating popularity that way and having that message extend beyond just your immediate reach of connections. Your connections now have the ability to extend your influence and pass on the message to their connections, and so on. Read more about the power of online influence from an interesting BNET article.

It is an amazing power that some people can establish and earn, sometimes in a very short amount of time. Now the question becomes: how do they establish that online presence and influence?

The main way to get noticed and to gain the title of becoming an “expert” or an influence is to get people to trust the knowledge that you have accumulated. People must connect with your personal brand (image), trust you and and therefore your information and knowledge, and start to view you as an expert. Influence = Personal Brand, Trust, Expertise. It then also become important to be constantly involved in the topic of interest, and be open with communication and information. The more information flows from you, the more people will want to hear more of it.

To gain a larger audience now entails one to get connected with others online through all the social media venues available, such as having a blog and generating traffic to it and having the ability to get people to visit and then leave with something of value that will entice them to come back again. When this happens, it creates an online “buzz”.

60 ways to increase your influence online – direct quotes from some of the most influential people online!

Voice your thoughts and let me know what you think about what is the most important quality of an “online influencer” on my poll!

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